Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orientation was today!

So my weight loss surgery orientation was today!  I found out that my visit with my primary care doctor, yesterday, counted as one visit for the supervised weight loss requirement, so I only have two more to go!  So far, I'm just calorie-counting and I'm supposed to start some chair exercises.  I need to find my hand weights!  I could use them in bed or while sitting in the dining room.  I have a chair aerobics DVD, but my chair has wheels on it and therefore it wouldn't be safe to use for aerobics.  Once I'm able to afford a chair, I will do so.

Anyway, I totally forgot everything what was presented to us at orientation when I heard that I only had to have two more visits with my primary care physician.  I thought maybe I could have the surgery in January, but my friend reminded me that it does take time to go through insurance.  They don't submit the paperwork to insurance until after you've fulfilled all the requirements.  Then, I have some more classes and meetings to do!  I have the binder they gave us and I will be reading it and taking notes ASAP.  Right now, I can't read it because I have no book light and I don't want to wake hubby up from his sleep.  The light bothers him.