Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paperwork arrived

So the paperwork did arrive, today.  I filled out as much as I could.  I have to wait until I see my primary care physician to help fill out the rest.  Not much left, though.  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  Nervous because this is going to require me getting out of the house more often.  I haven't really been out of the house since before I fell out of bed onto my knees about a month ago.  I've had trouble walking even around the house, so I gave up.  This might be a big challenge.  Hopefully, everything is close to the door when I go to these appointments for the WLS.

I cheated and drank some Diet Coke.  I also had some Coke Zero of my brothers.  This is hard, because I'm getting headaches from the caffeine withdrawals.  I am having hubby buy some Crystal Light Iced Tea packets that I'll be able to mix with my water.  We'll see how that goes. Otherwise, I'm sweating to death, here, and have a headache as I have no caffeine until hubby gets home from work with groceries!  Guess it's time to lie down!