Thursday, October 25, 2012

PB2 and more

So, I tried the chocolate PB2 in a cup of milk.  Added only the one serving of 2 Tablespoons.  It didn't taste bad.  Much better than plain soy milk, that's for sure!  If you can't find it, locally, it's cheaper on than it is on the PB2 website! 

Trying to learn more about the VSG and other's experience with it.  I found a few YouTubers who have had it done.  Will have to watch their videos, as I was too busy to last night.  Now I'm not tired and hubby is snoring away, so it's the perfect time to watch vlogs.

I did get a chance to make an appointment with the dietician from the bariatric center.  I won't see her until December 4th, though.  Still have more appointments to make, too!  I'm procrastinating, but I really do have to wait until hubby wakes up to see when I can make the others because he drives.