Monday, October 22, 2012


I don't know why, but I keep doing it.  Once again, I've had the chicken salad from the Walmart Deli.  It's good, but the fat and calories are very high.  If I was doing Atkins it'd be fine, but I'm not.  I'm calorie-counting.  

I think I'm nervous about my appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday.  I'm sure it'll go well, but what if he wants me to lose a LOT of weight before he considers doing the surgery.  Maybe I'll be one of his biggest patients, as my BMI is pretty high.  I think it's in the 80's, if I'm correct.  :-/

As for the nutritionist not calling back, I left a message for my doctor about it.  I'm sure she'll call me back at the end of her shift, as usual.  I wish they'd give me the number to the NUT, so I could bug them!  LOL!  Hopefully, I will hear from them soon!