Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surgeon visit went well, but change of plans...

The consult went well, but there's a slight change of plans.  Actually, there will be a different surgery performed.  The surgeon doesn't feel comfortable doing a Roux-en-Y on me unless I were to get down to 350 lbs., which he admits is near impossible at my current weight (432 lbs...lost 4 since last Tuesday).  So he is doing the Sleeve Gastrectomy, after I get down under 400 lbs.  I am hoping this will only take three, maybe four months at the most.  If I lose it within three months, I could possibly have the surgery in four months time!  

There are lots of appointments to be made, though.  One with their dietician, another for a psych evaluation, an upper GI, and a sleep study.  *sigh*  That's a lot!  Good news is, I only have to see my primary care physician for the medically supervised diet and not a nutritionist, also.  Oh and the surgeon's physician assistant said it would be okay for me to use the PB2!  I just got my delivery, today, but I still have to try it!  :)

Tonight, I hope to go grocery shopping with my husband.  If not, he'll end up going on his own after work Friday morning.  I do have some things I want to look for.  Like a mayo that's low fat and low sugar!  I also might want to try some Greek yogurt.