Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Upper GI test was today

I was very surprised that my Upper GI was in radiology, today.  I'm used to the kind where they put a camera down your throat.  I was actually happy that they use barium and take X-rays, instead!  The staff was exceptional!  They went above and beyond their duties, to make me feel comfortable.  First, I informed them that I would not be able to stand for the first half of the procedure.  They were going to put me up on the table and tilt it at a 45 degree angle.  I asked if it would support me, as they put a foot piece on the bottom.  They decided it wouldn't, so one of the techs asked the doctor about putting me on a different table, where the X-ray machine could rotate around me, all the while supporting me.  I had to wait an extra half-hour, but it was worth it!  It was funny, as the one tech asked if I preferred to have the barium through a straw or a syringe.  As I was lying on the table, I knew it would be difficult for me to drink through a straw and asked for the syringe!  The thing was huge!  It was the size of a tube of caulk and I had to have four of them!  LOL!  Anyway, they did a great job and I even sent off an email to the head of Radiology to let them know they did, too!  The results were fine, my stomach is normal and where it should be.  There's a couple of small hiatal hernias, though, which I knew of one.  Not sure if the surgeon will feel it's necessary to fix them, but he just might as he said he would originally.  My friend suggested we use the valet parking at the hospital for only $3, so we did.  It was great!  I didn't have to walk a million miles with my bad knees and bad back through the parking garage to the radiology department.  Hubby even pushed me in a wheel chair, rather than me using my walker.  The only thing that bothered me, was having to sit in my gown and robe in the waiting area, with guys in there!  It was just a few, that were waiting for their mates, but it was weird considering there were changing rooms in there, too!  They had a men's room, so I don't know why.  Only good thing about it, was hubby was able to help me get undressed and dressed, and keep me company, as we got there an hour early!  Well, enough rambling for now.  At least it's over and I can say I survived it!  LOL!