Saturday, November 3, 2012


I've been snacking.  I shouldn't be.  I've also drank a few Diet Cokes here and there.  I shouldn't be doing that, either.  I need to stop.  I've got a plan and that's to try and follow the Pre-Op diet as close to possible, after we go grocery shopping this Thursday AM coming up.  The only 'snack' that I will allow myself is my two glasses of soy milk each day from now on!  I've also been drinking A LOT of Crystal Light and am going to change that.  It's 10 calories per bottle and I drink up to 12 bottles of water.  That's 120 empty calories!  No more, it's either plain water or Propel Zero.  Only CL at meals, until Post-Op.  That is when I can no longer drink with my meals.

Stepped on the scale, yesterday, and it said I gained six pounds.  I did not record it, because it could've been water in my system.  I haven't been going to sleep during the day when my husband sleeps.  I usually sit in bed on the laptop or read my weight loss surgery "Bible" they gave us at the orientation.  Therefore, I drink water.  I've also been sleeping at night, which I'm going to try and continue to do until after the sleep study next Saturday night.  I seem to be more awake since I've been on the Wellbutrin, even though it's only been a few days.

I'm also not going to count my walking around the house from room to room as exercise for now, as it makes me feel like I can eat more calories!  So, until the surgery, I am not going to count it on MyFitnessPal as calories burned.