Friday, November 9, 2012

I almost gave this up

I almost gave this journal up!  I only have one subscriber and not many comment!  Then I realized that this isn't for anyone but myself!  This is for me to track my progress, my emotions, etc. during this weight loss journey of mine!  If someone happens to read it, then that's great!  If someone happens to comment, well, that's even better!  ;-)  I hope to someday inspire others, but for now this is my space!

PS - after the cut is a bit TMI.

I haven't been feeling very well, lately.  I didn't think anything of not having bowel movements for a few days.  Apparently, it's a side effect of my Wellbutrin.  I guess I should get used to this, as it could be the norm for me after surgery.  I started taking Fibercon tablets twice a day.  I just started eating fresh fruits and veggies, which should help in the fiber department, also.  Hopefully, it starts working or it's Milk of Magnesia for me!

Sleep study Saturday!  I am so NOT looking forward to it!  I'm hoping that I don't have sleep apnea.  Last time I had a sleep study, they tried putting oxygen on me.  They wanted me to return for a second study.  I don't recall why, it's been so long, and I never did return for the second study out of ignorance.  I know the very first sleep study that I had, revealed a REM sleep disorder.

Our exercise bike should be here on Monday!  I can't wait!  I do hope that I am able to tolerate using it, despite the pain.  Of course, I will start out slow and work my way up!  Wednesday, I see my primary care physician.  I will get an official weight, then.  I'm scared, but I'm hopeful that I've lost some weight!