Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've been slacking

So, I'm behind on updating here and on YouTube.  Hubby is home sick tonight, so I'm not doing a video (I hate having an  I will update here, though.

I went to my psych eval on Tuesday.  He asked questions about my diet history, how my weight has been all my life, how my childhood was, if I understood the complications of the surgery, and how I'd eat afterwards.  Then he asked me if I could die from the surgery and I said, yes, but I am trying to concentrate on the positive.  Then I told him that I am not worried about dying, just leaving behind my husband and my brother.  He thought my calories that I aim for was too high, 1550, for my activity level.  He recommended 1200, but to see what the nutritionist next week says.  When I saw my psychiatrist, yesterday, she recommended 1000!  Whoa!  So I'm aiming for 1300 calories a day until I see the nutritionist.

Speaking of seeing my psychiatrist, she agreed to up my dosage of Wellbutrin and take me off the Celexa and Abilify.  If I am to become hypomanic, I'll have to go back on the Abilify, though.  So far, I am a little bit down, but it'll take time to adjust.  I'm pretty positive I'll be fine, though.

I got a talking scale, today.  Ordered it from  Thing is, it can't get it to talk, because my body shakes whenever I get on it!  The reading on the scale keeps changing and doesn't stabilize because of my shaking!  I guess I'll just have to have my husband look at the scale for me, still!  When he weighs himself, it'll talk to him!  *sigh*