Thursday, November 8, 2012

No MFP stats, yesterday, either!

I was bad, yesterday, because I broke down and had Chinese takeout.  Today is a new day, and we've been grocery shopping!  We bought fresh fruit and veggies, along with a bunch of other good healthy foods for the next two weeks!  Tonight, it's grilled chicken salad for dinner!  I can't wait, I love my salad!  I've already logged my food ahead of time, so I should be at or below my allowed calorie intake for the day!

Saturday is my sleep study!  I'm wide awake now, as hubby and I napped before grocery shopping early this morning.  Hubby's sleeping, as he works nights.  I usually keep his hours, but the sleep study is at night.  I'm trying to sleep at night until then, so that I can get a good night's rest in for the sleep study!  I hope that I don't have sleep apnea!  Hubby's told me that I don't, but you never know.  I haven't fell asleep during the day, except for the nap last night, since I've started Wellbutrin XL for my depression.  I think I was sleeping so much before because of my depression.  So, maybe I don't have it!  I'm crossing my fingers, as I don't want to have to wear a CPAP.  If I have to, I will, because I know if sleep apnea's left untreated, it can cause heart problems.  Anyhow, I have a cat and a dog that like to chew on things.  Usually the dog will chew when we're gone, so I can shut the door, but the cat is another story.  He'll chew anything at anytime!  I could just imagine him chewing a hole through one of the hoses as I'm wearing the CPAP!  Guess I'll just have to keep extras on hand if it comes down to it!  LOL! 

Oh, the other day when I went to my rheumatologist, I weighed in at 430#.  I changed my weight ticker, even though it was a two-pound gain.  Hopefully, I'll stay on track and show a loss when I see my primary care physician next week!

Our exercise bike should be here on Monday.  We made the room for it in the dining room.  I don't know how much cycling I'll be able to handle at first, so I had ordered a new chair that I can do my chair aerobics in.  That will be here, today!   After that, I'll have no excuses to not exercise!  Just procrastination, which I'm really good at.  :(