Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Very Appropriate

I saw this graphic today and could tell it was meant for me to see.  Not that the person who posted it did so for me, but that the graphic was speaking to me.  See, I've been eating junk food the past three days.  We've either ordered out or have gotten fast food.  I just haven't felt like eating the food we have at home, as it doesn't have any taste.  Yea, I know, add spices or something.  Hubby tries, but I am so picky.  I know it's wrong to do this, I really do.  It's not going to help me in my journey to lose weight.  I've also been drinking soda, which doesn't help.  I'm not supposed to have any caffeine or carbonated beverages after surgery.  I had given them up, but started having a Diet Coke every so often and now I'm hooked on the caffeine again!  So, here I go...giving it up all over again!  Anyway, I should stop with the pity party and add the graphic so you know what I mean.  It made me realize the answer to my problems.