Thursday, November 1, 2012

Visit with my Psychiatrist

She was very happy that I am pursuing weight loss surgery.  She tried to suggest a program that combined diet pills and diet to help me lose the 30 pounds that I need to before surgery, but it was very expensive!  I explained that my PCP already offered to prescribe Phentermine but I refused.  I don't like the side effects. 

I did mention the lack of motivation that I have for school, though.  It seems to have started around the same time she lowered my dose of Celexa.  She was concerned about the high dose I was on before.  She prescribed some Wellbutrin because she said it's likely that depression is causing it.  She also said she'd like to see me in counseling and I told her I was going to look into it after the surgery.  Right now I don't drive and have to rely on my husband or brother, which limits the days and time that I am open.  Once I lose weight I should be able to fit behind the steering wheel of my car!  I was able to before I traded my Taurus in, but I had to have the seat back and the steering wheel up as high as they would go!  I wasn't comfortable with that setup at all!  Anyway, I see counseling in my future!  For now, I hope the Wellbutrin works!