Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not so good food-wise today.

Today wasn't so good.  Ate Ham, stuffing, and gravy for breakfast(was supposed to be our Christmas dinner).  Ham and eggs for lunch.  Then we had chicken nuggets and fries for dinner.  Oh and can't forget the sweets after dinner.  So I was about 1000 calories over what I am to eat daily!  I haven't stepped on the scale in days, since I was working on losing the weight I gained last week.  I was back down to 403#!  I'm sure that I can kiss that goodbye!  I really need to get a hold of my emotional eating!

Christmas was okay.  It was just my husband,  brother, and I.  My brother didn't come downstairs except to bring a box of chocolates he got for Christmas and to eat his Christmas dinner of chicken nuggets and fries.  A couple of friends stopped by with some gifts.  I got a couple of bottles of nail polish and hubby got ten dollars from them.  Things we weren't expecting and now I feel bad for not getting them anything but a card.  Hubby and I buy our Christmas presents whenever and don't even wrap them.  I got The Vow on DVD, two nail polish kits from Walmart and makeup that I ordered off of Amazon.  I don't get out much due to the pain in my knees, so I do 98% of my shopping online.  Hubby got Men In Black 3 on blueray, a 10-inch Android tablet like mine, a case for it, a blue tooth headset, a case for it, and some Cologne.  Then we got a few Xbox 360 games for my brother and he gave us money to buy what we wanted.  Hubby bought a surround sound sound bar with subwoofer, and I got a lighted battery-operated Makeup mirror along with some of the Fructise fall fight hair products.  They had a gift bag with four different products for $10.  Couldn't pass that up as they are about $5 a piece, normally.  I bought it for use when I have my weight loss surgery.  Trying to get a head start on the hair loss!  Already taking Biotin!

I guess I don't get into the Christmas spirit much.  We really had no room to put up a tree and we rarely do because of the cats and dogs.  We give each other our presents before Christmas and don't wrap them.  The only family we have to spend Christmas with is ourselves.  I see pictures of others celebrating Christmas with their families and feel sorry for myself.  I miss my parents.  I am not going to have children, even after I lose weight.  I am not going to deal with a teenager while in my sixties!  So, it'll be this way for the rest of our lives.  We're pretty much excluded from anything our extended family does.  I feel uncomfortable at the gatherings, anyhow.  I'm too fat and my knees hurt too bad to get around and socialize.  Therefore, hubby, bro, and I usually sit alone.  We need to start our own traditions.  Maybe make room for a tree and wrap gifts so we have something to do on Christmas day.

Well, I think hubby is ready for bed and I should get ready, too!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!  2013 will be my year!  Woot!