Monday, February 25, 2013

Already a week has gone by!

A week ago, today, I had my sleeve gastrectomy.  I barely remember anything!  I remember checking in, being carted away to the recovery room to prep myself for anesthesia.  Then I was taken into the operating room.  All I remember is my surgeon greeting me and then I was out of it!  Apparently all went well, though.  He seemed to be quite happy with how things went.  I stayed overnight, as well as hubby, who was given a cot! The biggest complaint I had was the fluids I was given through my IV.  I had to get up every hour to go to the bathroom.  Which meant, calling a nurse or aide to help me walk to the bathroom (luckily I had my walker with me).  Apparently, the fluids they gave me that first day had dextrose in them, and it raised my blood sugar levels.  So I was getting shots of insulin, as well as blood thinner shots!  When I would get up, the pain would come on, it was like my tummy was pulling on me!  I did manage to go for a short walk on my first day!

Tuesday morning I had my leak test, and was allowed pureed foods and liquids as soon as lunch time rolled around.  I ordered some peach yogurt, pureed green beans, and apple sauce.  I could only get in the yogurt, though.  For dinner, I ordered pureed chicken, pureed turkey, and pureed eggs.  I wanted to see how they all tasted.  The chicken and turkey were alright, but I preferred the eggs!  Around 8 pm, my surgeon was doing his rounds and said I could be discharged that night if I wanted to.  He would've kept me in another day, because it was so late, and we had a long drive home (at least an hour and a half with clear roads and it had been snowing all day), but I opted to leave ASAP!  I  walked around twice that day.  Hubby had gotten my prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy before they closed!  So, we were all ready to go!

Fast forward seven days and the pain isn't bothering me as much.  The only pain I have is from sleeping on my arm wrong.  The pain originates from my elbow and I have been icing it and bandaging it.  Not much else I can do, as I'm not allowed NSAID's. I was taken off quite a few pills and have no clue when or if I'll be put back on them!  At least I am allowed my Bipolar II Meds, as long as they are crushed!  I have lost at least 11 pounds since my surgery, too!  My two week follow-up appointment is March 6th with the surgeon!