Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Week Followup Appointment 3/6/13

I was 17 days out, yesterday, when I had my two week followup appt.  It went well.  I've lost 30# since surgery.  Not much bothering me but my knee pain, an irritated incision, and itching all over.  The surgeon's assistant did prescribe Arthrotec for my knees.  It has my Diclofenac in it, along with some stomach protectant in it.  Only problem is, it won't be in until after Friday at my pharmacy, but at least insurance will cover it and I will only have to pay my $4 copay.  Also was prescribed some more liquid Oxycodone HCL.  The assistant picked off some glue from my incisions.  They look better now!  I did forget to inquire about the itching.  I don't believe it's a allergic reaction to anything, as it's all I have.  It's just irritating.  I did mention that my skin seems drier and that I figured it was due to water intake, even though I am at 64 - 80 ounces.  I am going to call and see if it's okay to take some Benadryl for it!

I was also advanced to foods that are mashable with a fork!  I ate some cottage cheese for lunch and it went down well.  The tuna salad for dinner was another story.  I could only handle 1 oz. instead of 2, before I got full and my tummy started hurting.  One of these days, soon, hubby is going to fry some tilapia fish in an egg and I will try that.  I know that is quite soft and should go down easy.  I can't think of much more to try, especially since the tuna salad didn't go down so well.  Greek Yogurt is my staple!  

I have had some problems with BM's.  My first one after surgery was 3/2/13 and I haven't had one since.  Milk of Magnesia is too strong for me, so the assistant suggested Miralax.  She said to use one dose every day to get things moving.  If it was working too good, to decrease it to once every other day.  I was taking benefiber twice a day in my milk and colace tablets, which weren't working!  Speaking of tablets, I can swallow the pills I take that are no larger than a pencil eraser!  Otherwise, I am to still crush them.  I already have a chewable Centrum multivitamin and at my one month post-op appointment will be given any other needed supplements.  I am thinking maybe a calcium citrate and my biotin.  I was taking 1000mcg prior to surgery to get ready for potential hairloss, but was taken off it after surgery.  I want to find some prenatal vitamins or just the Biotin 5000mcg.

Next Wednesday, Hubby and I are going out on a date!  We are going to see Paleyfest The Big Bang Theory.  It's a live panel with clips from upcoming episodes and Q&A from the audience.  Although we won't be in Los Angelas audience, we will be in the theater.  We can ask questions, ourselves, but I think I will just sit back and enjoy it!  I am so looking forward to it!  I hope the arthrotec works some by then!  Hubby wants me to sneak a vicodin in my system, too, but I doubt I'll be able to take that big of a pill, yet!  He's so worried I won't be able to make it without my walker.  I doubt there will be no room to store it, so I will have to attempt to walk on my own!  Wish me luck!

Nothing much more to say, other than I made a new ticker that tracks just the weight I've lost post-op.  MyFitnessPal one has my total loss from 10-16-2012.  So I added the new tracker to my blog's front page.  I will probably go by the weigh-ins from the surgeon's office, because my scale is almost ten pounds less than theirs!  

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!  Will try to get some pics in soon!  It's been too long!