Monday, April 1, 2013

If I could change one thing...

I have no regrets at all about having this surgery.  I am grateful that my friend recommended Froedtert's bariatric program in Milwaukee, WI and encouraged me to have the surgery.  I love the staff--they are very friendly and helpful!  My surgeon, Dr. Jon Gould, was awesome!  The surgery went very well, and he had a great bedside manner, which is important to me!  The hospital stay was great, as I had a private room!  Well, semi-private because they gave my husband a cot and let him stay with me.  Anyway, the pre-op diet was awesome, in that I could eat up until the night before surgery!  It was basically low sugar and low fat.

Only thing I would probably change about my experience, is the diet plan after surgery.  Immediately after I passed my leak test, I was given a pureed diet to follow.  Two ounces of protein, three times a day, along with two glasses of milk a day, and eight glasses of water.  I honestly wish I could've started on a liquid diet the first few weeks, then went on to the pureed diet!  My stomach is still healing, six weeks after the surgery.  I am barely able to get my protein in!  We're only allowed to eat three times a day, because they feel anymore would be considered snacking or grazing.  Besides, I can barely tolerate three meals a day.  Protein shakes are supposed to be prohibited except in special circumstances.  When I went to my one month post-op, I was very concerned about my protein intake and asked the nurse if I would be able to supplement my diet with them.  She saw how much protein that I was eating and said that I could drink them if I felt the need to.  She said the nutritionist usually recommends high protein Ensure, though, but I asked about another brand, IsoPure, that had twice the protein for just the same amount of calories.  She said I could have either of them.

I did try the Ensure.  It's really thick(milky) and hard on my stomach.  I usually am unable to finish the whole bottle.  It has 25 grams of protein per serving.  Today, after about two weeks, I tried a Creamy Vanilla IsoPure.  It wasn't too bad and because it was mixed with water, it wasn't very thick or hard on my stomach.  I use it as a supplement, usually, not a meal replacement.  Although I had ate very early this morning (around 1 am) and when my husband got home at 6 am, I was still hurting from the earlier meal.  I ate a bit this afternoon and soon, I will be eating dinner.  Anyway, I took my pills and vitamins, along with some water shortly after drinking the IsoPure this morning.  Not very long after, I got sick and threw up some.  Not much, but enough to feel the burning of the pills coming back up!  I think I took them too fast or something.  I really hope it wasn't the IsoPure!  Yes, I am still working on eating slower:-/

I was nauseous for a while and ended up going to the ER to make sure I wasn't dehydrated, because I could barely stomach food or drink.  I had also realized I had symptoms of a bladder infection, prior to going there.  So I asked them about both and they told me nausea is also a symptom of a bladder infection.  Something I've never experienced before, though.  The doctor said he could tell if I was dehydrated, but they only found a bladder infection.  He gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and something for the nausea.  It's been almost a week and the nausea has finally gone away and for the most part, all the other symptoms.  Just need to finish up the antibiotics!

As for my progress, I have lost at least 55 pounds in the six weeks since surgery!  I am very happy with that progress, but it probably has a lot to do with not being able to stomach much and the fact that I weight quite a bit.  I've been told, by people on some forums, that the more you weigh the faster you're able to lose weight.  I don't know if that's true or not, though.  Just because someone said it, doesn't mean it's true, despite the Allstate commercial!  LOL!  Since October of last year, I have lost over 100 pounds!  So, I am quite satisfied with my progress!  I posted some new pics to my progress page.

I also had a non-scale victory, Easter Sunday.  I was invited to my aunt and uncle's for their Easter celebration.  My husband has been too tired during the day, after working hard on third shift, to do anything.  My brother also decided not to go, because he had hurt his elbow and he also works twelve hours to thirteen hours a night.  So, I wasn't going to go at first.  I even called my uncle up that morning to tell him we wouldn't make it.  At about 11 am, I couldn't sleep anymore.  It was warm out, our heat was on, therefore it got pretty warm in here.  I decided if I could shower and dress by myself, I was going to call my uncle to tell him that I was going to attempt to drive myself there.  Something I have NOT done in years!  He said if I didn't feel like I was able to, he would pick me up!  But I did it!  I got in that car, that I've never driven before, and drove to their house!  Good thing they don't live far away!  LOL!  So, I was very pleased with myself.  Luckily my husband was up and outside when I returned, because I was wore out!  He carried my stuff inside for me and was there in case I needed a boost up the last step into the house as I usually do!  I didn't need it yesterday, though!  

Well, I should end this.  My husband is done with his shower and I am going to eat dinner, soon.  I think he already ate his while I was composing this blog!  LOL!