Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UTI and a NSV.

So, I do have a UTI, just have to wait on the culture results from my urine specimen to find out which antibiotic will kill the infection.  I have take Bactrim and Ciprofloxin and neither have worked.  I've probably had this for quite a while now, or maybe it's just reoccurring.  It sucks, as I get the chills even when my temp is only 99 degrees!  I should know the results by Thursday or Friday.  I canceled my physical therapy appointment for Thursday because I am feeling so crappy.  I didn't even feel like being there today, but it didn't hit me until Midnight last night, and I didn't want to be stuck paying for not calling 24 hours ahead of time.

Another NSV.  I had to order a new Medic Alert bracelet.  The new one will be 7-1/2 inches, as my wrist is only 7 inches and they say to get them 1/2 inch larger than your wrist.  I started out wearing a 9 inch one and my current one is 8-1/2 inches.  If I wanted to, I could slip it off my wrist without unhooking it!

Monday, August 26, 2013


This picture is very blurry, but it is a cute handmade necklace with butterflies.  I won it on eBay many years ago and found that it did not fit.  It finally does!  This is one of the of good things about saying goodbye to the fat.

Test results

My test results from my six month follow-up appointment showed that I have a low thyroid and high white blood cell count.  The low TSH makes sense and explains why I am tired and cold all the time.  The high white blood cells tell me that I am still fighting off a recurring UTI.  Another reason my body would be tired, I suppose.  I am going to call my PCP when her office opens.  I want to discuss being put on Westhroid (natural thyroid) and a stronger antibiotic.  I haven't taken an antibiotic in a month, or so, but the two they have given me obviously aren't working.  Most likely, I will have to go in for tests.  I need a culture done on my urine and all my thyroid levels checked, not just my TSH. 

I have been going through physical therapy for my knees.  I am getting my first Gel-One injection on Friday.  It is much like Synvisc One.  I am very nervous.  Whenever I would get cortisone injections they would hurt.  I could feel the cortisone pushing the fluid around in my joint.  It got so bad that my doctor would take fluid out before the injections.  This is a new doctor and I have voiced my concern about it to him.  Maybe that is why he is giving me the Gel-One over Synvisc One?  Gel-One is 3 ml, whereas Synvisc One is around 6 ml.  Either way, my husband better be prepared for me to squeeze his hand off!  ;)

Grieving for the fat

Considering the things that I am going through, mentally, I believe that I am handling things quite well.  There's been this sense of sadness, despite this.  I have been finding old jewelry that no longer fits, some even finally fitting me.  A few items I am sad to part with.  One is a very beautiful amethyst bracelet that I had custom made for myself many years ago.  It is too big now.  I am sure that I can go back to the jeweler and have them take some beads out and restring it, but it still saddens me.  It's like an end of an era for me.  It is, too.  I am finally saying goodbye to my fat.   That's a good thing, but terrifying at the same time.  Walls that I have built up are coming down.  I am exposing myself to the world, as if I am naked.  It is uncomfortable for me, but I must move forward.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Newbie Club

Newbie Club

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Vote for BariWare

Vote for BariWare

Thanks, Jessica, from Bariatric Beginnings, for this!

New Car: 2012 Nissan Versa & Down 6#

I love my new car!  I fit behind the wheel and can even see over the steering wheel!  AND--NO MORE SEATBELT EXTENDERS!

Just to make this somewhat weight-loss related, I am down to 264#!  That's six pounds this past week!  :)