Monday, August 26, 2013

Grieving for the fat

Considering the things that I am going through, mentally, I believe that I am handling things quite well.  There's been this sense of sadness, despite this.  I have been finding old jewelry that no longer fits, some even finally fitting me.  A few items I am sad to part with.  One is a very beautiful amethyst bracelet that I had custom made for myself many years ago.  It is too big now.  I am sure that I can go back to the jeweler and have them take some beads out and restring it, but it still saddens me.  It's like an end of an era for me.  It is, too.  I am finally saying goodbye to my fat.   That's a good thing, but terrifying at the same time.  Walls that I have built up are coming down.  I am exposing myself to the world, as if I am naked.  It is uncomfortable for me, but I must move forward.