Monday, August 26, 2013

Test results

My test results from my six month follow-up appointment showed that I have a low thyroid and high white blood cell count.  The low TSH makes sense and explains why I am tired and cold all the time.  The high white blood cells tell me that I am still fighting off a recurring UTI.  Another reason my body would be tired, I suppose.  I am going to call my PCP when her office opens.  I want to discuss being put on Westhroid (natural thyroid) and a stronger antibiotic.  I haven't taken an antibiotic in a month, or so, but the two they have given me obviously aren't working.  Most likely, I will have to go in for tests.  I need a culture done on my urine and all my thyroid levels checked, not just my TSH. 

I have been going through physical therapy for my knees.  I am getting my first Gel-One injection on Friday.  It is much like Synvisc One.  I am very nervous.  Whenever I would get cortisone injections they would hurt.  I could feel the cortisone pushing the fluid around in my joint.  It got so bad that my doctor would take fluid out before the injections.  This is a new doctor and I have voiced my concern about it to him.  Maybe that is why he is giving me the Gel-One over Synvisc One?  Gel-One is 3 ml, whereas Synvisc One is around 6 ml.  Either way, my husband better be prepared for me to squeeze his hand off!  ;)