Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Video Description:  Not feeling too well, mentally and physically, so this isn't very long.  I've also been having problems editing videos in Movie Maker, so if the pics or text go by too fast, my apologies.

As of 09-29-13 I am down 180# since the start of my medically supervised diet,10-16-12 and 127# since VSG/WLS, 02-18-13.

SparkPeople: VSG_Tina
MyFitnessPal: Christina_Fisher

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pleasant Surprise

I first went to the clinic to have my bloodwork and urine sample taken.  I am hoping the urine sample is negative.  You, see, I am afraid that I might be pregnant due to having to use two metholds of birth control (surgeon's requirement after weight loss surgery) and the barrier method we used a few weeks back didn't work.  Although, I have been on the Depo-Provera for over 18 years, so I think I am okay.  I just wanted to rule it out due to the nausea and overall sickness I have been feeling.  I did take another home pregnancy test, which turned out negative.  I hope to find out the results later today.  I am in no condition physically and mentally to have a child.  I am already seriously depressed and if I were to be pregnant I would have to come off some, if not all of my medications.  Added:  I found my home pregnancy test and that came out negative, so I could just be having another UTI as I noticed the urine was pretty dark.  :-(

Then I had my counseling session, which went alright.  We discussed the stress I am under, which is a lot.  It didn't help that I saw my abusive ex-fiance's mother at the clinic, yesterday.  Luckily she is very sweet and didn't say anything about my ex, except that she doesn't see him much.  Afterwards, since we were in town, we went to pick up our protraits at Target's Portrait Studio.  The photographer was there and he pulled out an 11 x 16 canvas print that the company had sent along.  It was on special, over 75% off their usual price, so I talked my husband into letting me purchase it.  It is one of my favorite poses.

Otherwise, I am very behind in my school work.  At least the ADA department reaffirmed my special needs requirements and I am to be allowed two extra weeks to complete my assignments.  I just have to get off my duff and start working on the group project.  It is our final week, too.  I am scared that my instructor is going to try and deny me the incomplete request that I put in, because he sent me back an email to ask if I was participating in the group project.  I explained to him that I have been very sick, but would check it out ASAP.  After some sleep, today, I will do so.  I did check out the discussion board and it looks as if noone has started anything, but a lot of talk about not being able to work out a time for a class chat.  Which, we really don't need to do.  It's more important to start using the discussion board to go over the assignment!  Ugh!  I hate group projects!  If I were in a mental state to run the project, I would do so.  If I don't pass this class with an "A," I will probably be kicked out of school.  I wouldn't know what to do, financially, if that were to happen, as we would have to pay on the student loans within two months, as I took off a couple of months.

Well, hubby is finally ready for bed, so I must go.  I am very tired due to stress.  I hope to find the results of my urine test very soon!  Thanks for all of your support!  :-)

This is the portrait we received on canvas, BTW:

Tina & Steve, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sick and in pain.

I have been having nausea off and on for a long time now.  It's been worse, as of late.  I have a call in to my PCP about renewing a prescription that I used to take for it before my surgery.  Phenergan or something like that.  I used up all but one of my Zofran tablets that I had hoarded from when I had my UTI's.  I also asked my PCP to order labwork for possible hypoglycemia.  I have been having symptoms of that, too, for quite some time (I should get out my glucose meter and start checking, but I do remember what it feels like to have low blood sugar)!  I have to go in for a thyroid test, anyway, so why not get it all done at once.  At least I am hoping that she gets my message in time.  I have appointments tomorrow so it's hard to schedule the perfect time to go to the lab.  I never know when it'll be busy and I don't want to be late for counseling.  

Also, I am waiting on word about the knee brace.  My knee has been very bad the past few days and I haven't been very active as far as walking, etc.  So I don't know what is causing the horrific pain I have whenever I move my right knee.  I swear that I must be falling apart...LOL!  I don't talk about my chronic pain, much, as I would probably lose followers if all I did was whine about it.  I am very limited in the exercises I can do.  I can do anything that allows me to sit and not move my knees.  I do try to do the exercises that my physical therapist gave me, too. 

As of September 22, I was 256#!  Only 56# until I get to one of my major goals!  I am going to do this!  For now, I have to watch my calories very carefully.  At least until I am able to put weight on my knee and work out more.  I would love to be able to use the recumbant bicycle we have that is currently being used as a coat rack!  *sigh*

I signed up for SparkPeople as VSG_Tina.  I don't track my foods, there, as I love MyFitnessPal too much!  It's so much easier for me to navigate and the app is free!  LOL!  I am Christina_Fisher on MFP.  I also have an Instagram account as TinaF1971.  I am such a social media addict...LOL!  You can always find my Facebook page at  If you'd like to friend my personal Facebook page, just send me a quick email and I will give you the link.  I rarely talk about my weight loss on there, as I don't want to bore anyone, though.  I do post quite a few memes - many cat ones!  LOL!

Well, I am tired and need to get up early.  I have another test I'd like my doctor to order, but I am keeping that personal.  I really hope it turns out negative.  Thank you, everyone, for your support and encouragement!  :-)

PS - Here's another photo of hubby and I.  I really like this one!  We are picking up our prints tomorrow after my counseling appointment, as we'll be up that way, anyway!  :-)

Tina & Steve.  09-14-2013.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Portraits of Husband and I, taken on 9-14-2013

This is a comparison pic of my engagement photo taken in January of 2006 and yesterday's on September 2013.
I thought it would be a neat idea to include our engagement photo in our photoshoot.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Knee Brace and More!

I am hoping to get a knee brace.  The Gel-One injection, alone, is not doing the job, as I cannot do any weight-bearing exercise.  My kneecap keeps wanting to move to the outside, and cracks quite a bit.  My physical therapist is having a representative from a company come look at me, next Thursday, to measure me for an OA brace.  I really hope that the brace, combined with the injection, will allow me to do the weight-bearing exercises that I need to do.  I would love to be able to get rid of my rollator and drive again!  I am not against having surgery, if needed, but would like to avoid it for as long as possible.  Mainly because I'd be laid up for quite a while.

My weight has went up, but I am not sure how much total.  I stopped stepping on the scale when I saw I was up to 270# again.  My lowest was 263# since surgery.  I am so disappointed in myself, as I am eating horribly!  I know that I need to stop, though!  Also, my body might be telling me that I need to start exercising, soon!  That is why I am hoping the knee brace will help!

My husband got me a new wedding ring set!  I am so happy!  I wasn't supposed to get it until I was at goal weight, but I am down to a ring size 7-1/2!  ;-)  I can't get a decent picture of it, though, but will try to upload a pic of it.  I bought him a new wedding band, engraved with our wedding date, so he has no excuse to forget our anniversary!  ;-)

It's a 1/2 karat heart-shaped diamond with a ring enhancer as the wedding band!    
This is hubby's ring.  Pretty unique, huh?  I think it's cool.  It' Titanium.

I also had this pendant made with my father and mother's birthstones as a memorial to them.  It is quite dainty, but I love it and am wearing it right now!  :-)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Gel-One Injection

I had my Gel-One injection, in my right knee, on Friday.  It was hard the first couple of days to put weight on it, but right now it is doing better.  We'll see how I do in physical therapy, tomorrow.  For those that don't know, Gel-One is much like the Synvisc-One injection.  

I am still waiting on the results of my urine culture so that I can get on some antibiotics for this UTI!  I suppose being it's the weekend, I might get a call tomorrow.  At least I hope so.

School isn't going well.  They are supposed to grant me an incomplete if I am unable to finish my course work.  This is due to having special needs.  I am allowed two extra weeks to complete my coursework.  For some reason this isn't being done and once again, I have an "F" in my last course.  The instructor processed my incomplete paperwork, but for some reason I am still unable to access the classroom to complete my work.  With it being a holiday weekend, the earliest anyone can look into it is tomorrow.  They better grant me an extra week to complete the work, or I'll be mad!  I am considered to be on academic probation until my grade is adjusted.  Financial aid is tied and can't do anything about that until I do complete the course.  We'll see how that goes, tomorrow.  

I am going to be so busy this "weekend."  My husband has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off.  I've got appointments Tuesday and Thursday for PT and Thursday for counseling.  Wednesday we are getting a new internet provider, which should be faster than what we have, and then that night we are taking my old computer to a friend's house and setting it up for her, as she is buying it.  I have a new all-in-one PC by Lenovo.  It has Windows 8 on it, but I am using it much like Windows 7, as I have the desktop setup with a start menu that I downloaded.  I really like this computer, but there are some things I need to get used to.

Not much more to update on.  I am finding programs to install on this new computer.  It has a built in webcam, which shows the mess in the background.  My computer stuff is so disorganized.  Wednesday, it'll be worse, as I'll have to make room for the new modem and router.  *sigh*

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!  :)