Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Knee Brace and More!

I am hoping to get a knee brace.  The Gel-One injection, alone, is not doing the job, as I cannot do any weight-bearing exercise.  My kneecap keeps wanting to move to the outside, and cracks quite a bit.  My physical therapist is having a representative from a company come look at me, next Thursday, to measure me for an OA brace.  I really hope that the brace, combined with the injection, will allow me to do the weight-bearing exercises that I need to do.  I would love to be able to get rid of my rollator and drive again!  I am not against having surgery, if needed, but would like to avoid it for as long as possible.  Mainly because I'd be laid up for quite a while.

My weight has went up, but I am not sure how much total.  I stopped stepping on the scale when I saw I was up to 270# again.  My lowest was 263# since surgery.  I am so disappointed in myself, as I am eating horribly!  I know that I need to stop, though!  Also, my body might be telling me that I need to start exercising, soon!  That is why I am hoping the knee brace will help!

My husband got me a new wedding ring set!  I am so happy!  I wasn't supposed to get it until I was at goal weight, but I am down to a ring size 7-1/2!  ;-)  I can't get a decent picture of it, though, but will try to upload a pic of it.  I bought him a new wedding band, engraved with our wedding date, so he has no excuse to forget our anniversary!  ;-)

It's a 1/2 karat heart-shaped diamond with a ring enhancer as the wedding band!    
This is hubby's ring.  Pretty unique, huh?  I think it's cool.  It' Titanium.

I also had this pendant made with my father and mother's birthstones as a memorial to them.  It is quite dainty, but I love it and am wearing it right now!  :-)