Friday, September 27, 2013

Pleasant Surprise

I first went to the clinic to have my bloodwork and urine sample taken.  I am hoping the urine sample is negative.  You, see, I am afraid that I might be pregnant due to having to use two metholds of birth control (surgeon's requirement after weight loss surgery) and the barrier method we used a few weeks back didn't work.  Although, I have been on the Depo-Provera for over 18 years, so I think I am okay.  I just wanted to rule it out due to the nausea and overall sickness I have been feeling.  I did take another home pregnancy test, which turned out negative.  I hope to find out the results later today.  I am in no condition physically and mentally to have a child.  I am already seriously depressed and if I were to be pregnant I would have to come off some, if not all of my medications.  Added:  I found my home pregnancy test and that came out negative, so I could just be having another UTI as I noticed the urine was pretty dark.  :-(

Then I had my counseling session, which went alright.  We discussed the stress I am under, which is a lot.  It didn't help that I saw my abusive ex-fiance's mother at the clinic, yesterday.  Luckily she is very sweet and didn't say anything about my ex, except that she doesn't see him much.  Afterwards, since we were in town, we went to pick up our protraits at Target's Portrait Studio.  The photographer was there and he pulled out an 11 x 16 canvas print that the company had sent along.  It was on special, over 75% off their usual price, so I talked my husband into letting me purchase it.  It is one of my favorite poses.

Otherwise, I am very behind in my school work.  At least the ADA department reaffirmed my special needs requirements and I am to be allowed two extra weeks to complete my assignments.  I just have to get off my duff and start working on the group project.  It is our final week, too.  I am scared that my instructor is going to try and deny me the incomplete request that I put in, because he sent me back an email to ask if I was participating in the group project.  I explained to him that I have been very sick, but would check it out ASAP.  After some sleep, today, I will do so.  I did check out the discussion board and it looks as if noone has started anything, but a lot of talk about not being able to work out a time for a class chat.  Which, we really don't need to do.  It's more important to start using the discussion board to go over the assignment!  Ugh!  I hate group projects!  If I were in a mental state to run the project, I would do so.  If I don't pass this class with an "A," I will probably be kicked out of school.  I wouldn't know what to do, financially, if that were to happen, as we would have to pay on the student loans within two months, as I took off a couple of months.

Well, hubby is finally ready for bed, so I must go.  I am very tired due to stress.  I hope to find the results of my urine test very soon!  Thanks for all of your support!  :-)

This is the portrait we received on canvas, BTW:

Tina & Steve, 2013