Saturday, October 26, 2013

Knee brace and weight loss.

I need to call the Orthotist on Monday.  I got a letter of approval from my insurance company for the specialized brace.  I don't understand all the medical jargon and would like to clarify exactly what the brace will correct.  I hope it'll be for both the OA and patella.

I am down to 249#.  I had bought new underwear not even the week before and they are too big.  They aren't falling off, yet, so I'll wait to buy new!  I think the pants I am wearing are a size 2X.  They are ones I purchased second hand and they have no tag inside for me to see the size or brand.  I would suspect that I am in a 3X Just My Size.  They tend to run smaller than other brands, I have noticed.

Not much more to blog about.  I am transferring schools at the beginning of next year.  This school is still online, but I get a 15% discount through my husband's employer. They also have a degree specific for Paralegals.  Our local technical college has a similar program but it is not online.  I cannot afford a motorized wheelchair, as I am sure I wouldn't be able to walk the campus.  Also, online classes are much easier because I can do the work at night when everyone is gone and the house is quiet.  I can't drive, either, so online courses are much easier for me.