Monday, October 14, 2013

More issues to deal with!

So, I have lost the weight I regained and another pound (I was down to 252#, but went back up to 258#).  That brings me down to 251#.  I am practically starving myself to lose weight, though.  Anytime I go over 800 calories, I gain.  I am tired of this BS!  I want to be able to do more exercises!  My body is telling me I need to vary my routine and I can't because of my knee!  I called my surgeon, in hopes that he'd be compassionate and see that I am trying to lose weight.  When I first saw him, he gave me the hope that if I was able to lose just a little more weight, that he would replace my knee.  Well, he told his nurse that I would have to lose a CONSIDERABLE amount of weight, now!  I asked, what's a considerable amount?!?  I can't lose much more, as my body is telling me I need to do some different exercises!  I even asked her if I need to starve myself to death to get a knee replacement!  She said not to do that!  Looks like I have to, though.  She did say if I could find a surgeon at University of Wisconsin, Madison, that they'd refer me to them.  Well, my insurance won't cover anyone up there.  They are my only hope, as it's a training hospital.  I don't understand what's up with the orthopedic surgeon, though?!?  He said he's done knee replacements on patients that have weighed much more than 300#!

I only called because I have seen two different people about a knee brace and both gave me the impression that my issues cannot be fixed with a brace due to my excess skin.  Well, I called the last one I saw, an Orthotist, to see what she thought and if she knew of anyone.  She didn't know of anyone, but she did say she found a company that could make a brace to correct both my OA and my knee popping out of place.  The only thing is, the company wants me to try a patella brace for the kneecap, first.  If that corrects the kneecap issue, they will then go ahead and make a brace for both issues that I am having.  She said she sent in for approval of the patella brace, to my insurance company.  I just tried calling my insurance company to see if they would approve two braces, though.  The representative didn't understand my question.  I said I have TWO knee issues that need to be corrected with braces.  She said if that is the case then all they have to do is put in for approval of each brace and it should be covered.  So I guess if they don't approve a second brace, I am stuck with the patella one.  I guess that would be fine if it works to keep my kneecap from popping out, as that is the reason I cannot ride my recumbant bike!  It's all a waiting game, basically.  The Orthotist told me to hang in there and give the brace a chance.  I really do hope it all works out, as there is nothing else I can do, short of starvation, to lose this weight.  And we all know starvation doesn't really work for long.  All it did was kill my mother, and she wasn't trying to lose weight.