Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NSV's -- May be considered TMI!

So I've been thinking about some non-scale victories I have had since my weight loss has started.  Besides fitting into smaller clothes, wearing smaller rings, and smaller bracelets, there are others.  

I am able to stand up and take my clothes off before I get into the shower.  Prior to that I would sit on the toilet.  I still have to use my shower chair and don't trust myself getting out of the tub if I were to take a bath.  Someday, I will get there.  I am able to reach places I couldn't reach before.  I don't need my husband's help to wash myself.  I can wash my feet without using a bath brush, even!  I can dress myself and put on my shoes.  I can't always stand very long to find my clothes in the baskets in our closet (we don't always hang our clothes up), yet.  I can get up and stand long enough to slice up a cucumber when I want one.  I can get up to get a water out of the fridge.  I can't stand long enough to cook (a chair won't fit in our tiny kitchen), but I can get myself a tuna salad packet or some string cheese.  There may be more, but I can't think of any right now.  I try not to focus on what I cannot do -- like going up and down stairs and using my recumbant bicycle as I would like to (I am limited to chair exercises due to my knee).

I have a doctor's appointment, in the morning, and am going to inquire about having my anti-nausea medicine prescribed again.  I am also eager to see the results of my TSH test.  I am going to see if my PCP has access to my orthopedic surgeon's notes (I'm sure she does).  I would like to see if the knee brace has been prescribed.  If she's not able to tell me, I will call my physical therapist to find out what is going on, as she is the one that initiated the process of approval.  Oh and I can't forget to see if my PCP will prescribe my Arthortec, as I would like to stop seeing my rhuematologist.  The only thing he's done for me is prescribe that medication and give me cortizone injections on rare occassions, which do not work.  He never suggested the Gel-One injection in the 12 years I've been seeing him.  His only options for me were to lose weight and get a knee replacement.  How about seeing if the Gel-One injection would work, doc?!?  It may have worked prior to the bone spurs!  I don't see much of an improvement, as I am still in daily pain and my knee cap keeps moving on me, as I move.  Although, yesterday it wasn't knee pain, it was more neck and back pain.  Sitting up in my bed is hard on me since we got the new mattress.  It's comfortable to sleep in, though!  

I am down to 255# as of 09-30-2013.  I was thinking that I am only 20# more than what I weighed in high school (1985 - 1989).  Back then I thought I was huge!  I never envisioned myself gaining over 200#!  I always thought to myself that I would lose weight and show my bullies how "thin" I was at the class reunions.  To be honest, I don't even bother with class reunions, as I still keep in touch with those who matter the most.  Surprisingly, most of them aren't those I hung out with in high school.

Hope everyone is doing well and have a Happy October 1st!  This is my favorite month of the year, due to the leaves falling and Halloween!  :-)