About Me

I don't really know where I should begin.  I've been overweight my entire life, basically.  I've yo-yo dieted since I was at least twelve years old, maybe even earlier.  I remember attending some sort of meetings like TOPS with my Mother and Grandmother at that age, though.  For every pound lost, I'd gain a poker chip.  After so many poker chips, I was supposed to get a reward.  I don't remember ever getting anything.  

I've tried Weight Watchers, Formu3, The Diet Center, Redux, Phen-fen, Medifast, Overeater's Anonymous, and Atkins.  The only successful weight loss I had was while I did Atkins.  I lost over 60 pounds in 2009 following Atkins.  Thanksgiving and Christmas came though, and I caved to the carbs, never to return.  Of course, I gained all the weight back!  

The lowest adult weight I recall being is 235 pounds.  That was when I started Formu3.  I was in my early twenties to mid-twenties.  In my early thirties, I was up to 300 pounds.  Then I found I had degenerative joints in my knees and was no longer able to work.  I ended up being on Disability.  I got up to around 350 to 380 pounds in my mid-thirties.  My highest recorded weight was 436 pounds at the age of 41, the year in which I started this journal.

I decided to have weight loss surgery.  At first, I was looking into the Roux-en-Y procedure.  I met with the surgeon on 10-24-2012 at 432 pounds.  He said that he didn't feel comfortable doing the procedure on someone of my size due to possible complications.  My BMI was around 85 at the time.  He said he'd be willing to do a sleeve gastrectomy once I got below 400 pounds.  He did say that if I didn't lose enough weight, that it could be converted to the RNY at a later time. He just didn't feel I could have the RNY until I got down to 350 pounds, which he felt was near impossible due to my mobility issues and such.  I decided to go ahead with the sleeve gastrectomy.

So, this is my blog detailing my weight loss journey.  I had the sleeve gastrectomy on February 18, 2013!